Take Action

Become an Education Justice Activist

Join Student Advocacy Center (SAC) and organizations across Michigan to build a network of education justice activists to revolutionize our education system in Michigan. We all know the problems: lack of equitable funding, racism, arbitrary school discipline and suspensions, crowded classrooms, teaching to tests that set up our kids to fail, and on and on. It’s going to take all of us working together to forge a new path for our youth and schools in Michigan.

We ask you to join us today in standing up for healthy and healing schools! We ask you to be ready for urgent calls to action. We ask you to talk with your neighbors and family and ask them to sign up. We ask you to get active in your community’s schools. We ask you to speak out at school board meetings. We ask you to tell your story and demand accountability from our elected leaders.

Education: A Right Worth Investing In

We rely on your help to provide students with the support they need to stay in school, find hope and grow. Invest in the lives of youth today — every dollar you invest in producing a high school graduate has a return of $1.45 - $3.55.