Statewide Helpline

 Powerful Advocacy Begins With A Phone Call

We’re here to help parents of students who are experiencing challenges in school and don’t know where to turn. Our Statewide Helpline is the only place in Michigan for general education and special education students to receive no-cost support and education advocacy advice. Making a call to our Helpline is the first step, opening the door to our resources and services. If you are a parent or caregiver looking for help, learn more here. School staff, foster care caseworkers and other professionals are also welcome to reach out.

Advocacy to Keep Every Student Learning, Without Cost to Families

Our experienced advocates provide significant help to students. We examine each case and help families understand their options. We answer questions and provide advice, review records, assist in writing letters to schools, file complaints, contact school officials on a family’s behalf, develop action plans, research resources and more.

We’ll assess each case and work to help each student stay in school and succeed. In some cases, based on location and need, we might offer the support of an in-person advocate (at no cost to families with low household incomes).

We’re proud that our work is making a difference. We’re helping students get back in school, avoid long-term removals, find better learning paths and experience more success.

Success Stories

Education: A Right Worth Investing In

We rely on your help to provide students with the support they need to stay in school, find hope and grow. Invest in the lives of youth today — every dollar you invest in producing a high school graduate has a return of $1.45 - $3.55.