Education Advocacy
and Support

Standing Up for Students

The Student Advocacy Center provides in-person educational advocates to students and families that need intensive support in Washtenaw, Wayne and Jackson counties. This individualized, in-person advocacy is provided without cost to families whose household incomes qualify them, and at a reasonable cost to others. (Students living outside of the service area for in-person advocacy receive educational advocacy through our Statewide Helpline.)

Are you a parent or caregiver looking for help for your student? Learn more here or reach out by calling our helpline.

Intensive Advocacy and Support

We provide information, advice and advocacy to students and families across Michigan. However, there are cases that require more intensive support. Based on the location and the specific need, we assign educational advocates to work together with the family in-person, to help protect the students’ rights.

Our advocates can:

  • Assess educational needs and goals
  • Review educational records, monitor grades, attendance and discipline, and tweak education plans as needed
  • Provide guidance on educational rights and options
  • Help families to self-advocate
  • Prepare students and families for educational meetings, including disciplinary hearings
  • Serve as an advocate at educational meetings, including disciplinary hearings, special education meetings, behavior plan meetings and more
  • Partner with the family, school and, if needed, service providers, to improve the student’s educational experience
  • Assist with school enrollment
  • Coordinate and support students in implementing alternatives to suspension/ expulsion, including psychosocial education, community service and behavior plans
  • File civil rights, special education and other complaints as needed
  • Attend court, Community Mental Health and other community support meetings
student with pencil behind ear

Case Study: Toya
360 Degrees of Support During COVID

COVID and the shift to remote schooling made learning nearly impossible for “Toya.” She had no academic support at home and no computer. She felt overwhelmed by the barrage of emails from her school. Toya was failing and felt stuck. The Student Advocacy Center paid for a computer, helped her communicate with her teachers, assigned her a virtual tutor and made a safe home visit to allow her to pass all of her classes. Now, we are working on a graduation plan to help her make up lost credit and continue to navigate the tricky world of online learning.

The Student Advocacy Center understands that support for students goes below the surface. Our advocates do everything possible to ensure that students’ needs are met so they can succeed in school and beyond.

” I feel more empowered, very hopeful that you did everything you could for my student. You gave me avenues and encouragement to fight. You also gave me faith that no matter what, we are going to exhaust everything that we can for (my son). Whether we win or lose, I am very grateful and thankful. “

Parent of “Peter”

By the Numbers


of students with advocacy cases met goals established by their family


of students with advocacy cases maintained or improved attendance


of students with advocacy cases improved or maintained their discipline records

Education: A Right Worth Investing In

We rely on your help to provide students with the support they need to stay in school, find hope and grow. Invest in the lives of youth today — every dollar you invest in producing a high school graduate has a return of $1.45 - $3.55.