SAC's Youth Action Michigan Social Contract

The Student Advocacy Center of Michigan (SAC) respectfully requests that all participants of SAC’s Youth Action Michigan commit to this Social Contract. This agreement establishes standards for how Youth Action Michigan will function as a program of the Student Advocacy Center. In acknowledging this agreement, YAM participants are accountable to the program and their fellow members.
Purpose: SAC’s Youth Action Michigan is a student-led, social justice initiative that builds self and collective power to create positive change in schools and communities with the support of caring adult allies. Our current focus is to address school pushout and the school-to-prison pipeline in collaboration with the national Dignity In Schools Campaign.
Students meet weekly to identify needs, create solutions, inspire their peers and adults to make changes, plan events and become positive change agents in their school and community.
Program Objectives:
  1. Impact the school-to-prison pipeline.
  2. Increase leadership skills.
  3. Increase critical thinking skills.
  4. Increase youth voice in local and state decision-making.
  5. Perform community service.
  6. Increase positive, supportive adult allies for youth.

    1. Participant Criteria:
      1. Be committed to learning about and impacting the school-to-prison pipeline.
      2. Have an interest in creating positive change within schools and communities.
      3. Be willing to participate in community service projects.
      4. Can commit to coming to meetings, ready to have fun, create change and show respect to all.

      YAM Leadership:
      Youth Organizer: The Youth Organizer will ensure that the group functions as a team. S/he does not run the program but spends time working with youth looking at the program and service assignments to make sure that all of the work of the leadership is effectively delegated for completion. S/he ensures an ongoing planning process for the group’s activities for the year ahead and the organization's future. S/he also keeps note of the things that have been done throughout the year. This position is reserved for SAC staff.
      Co-Facilitators: The co-facilitators’ job responsibilities are to work with SAC adult group facilitators to plan each meeting's agenda and create new opportunities for YAM. Other responsibilities include implementing program objectives, conducting and organizing administrative duties, creating agendas, taking notes during meetings, and reporting back to the larger group, recruiting new members, supporting current members, and to proactively represent the program. This is a shared position between up to three (3) youth participants. These are youth positions.
      YAM Conduct: Conduct Code YAM members shall behave in a manner that reflects favorably on the group and the Student Advocacy Center. Members are discouraged from engaging in conduct that discredits the honor and integrity of Youth Action Michigan. It is important that the behavior of YAM members project a positive appearance in the school and community at large (i.e. no gang activity, drugs, underage drinking, fighting, truancy, or insubordination). YAM members should maintain satisfactory academic success and make plans for post high school activities (i.e. trade school, college/university, technical school, or employment).
      This program offers a service-learning component and all members are expected to participate in the planning and implementation of the designated service project. Exceptions can be made by leadership, given enough time to make necessary arrangements.
      Dress Code During the community outreach days, members are encouraged to wear their YAM shirts.

      SAC’s Youth Action Michigan Program Agreement

acknowledge that I have fully read and understand all the sections of this social contract. I agree that I will honor all provisions of the social contract outlined above. I understand that by signing this social contract I have made a commitment to the YAM group members who take this journey with me and will be accountable, reliable and present in all forms of my responsibilities and duties outlined above.
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