Student Rights Project Authorization for Advocacy

Authorization for Advocacy

This form authorizes the Student Rights Project (SRP), in partnership with the Student Advocacy Center, to provide a team of advocates to support you in your school disciplinary case.

I consent to work with a team of law and social work students from the Student Rights Project at the University of Michigan, in partnership with the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan.

  1. I agree that I will work with the advocates as an active team member on this case. That means that I will do my best to get to all school hearings and meetings with my advocates on time. I will contact the advocates and let them know if I cannot come to a meeting.
  2. I understand that the advocates may ask me to do thing to help with the case. I will do my best to help the advocate team. I will do these things at a time that I work out with the advocates.
  3. I agree to promptly return my advocates’ phone calls and other contacts/requests.
  4. I will let the advocates know if I hear about any changes or developments in the case.
  5. I understand that I may terminate SRP at any time.
Advocates are authorized to:(Required)
This advocacy relationship is NOT:(Required)
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