• One of Student Advocacy Center’s values is to work collaboratively with school districts and schools, as we seek to elevate the voices and rights of our students and families. SAC partners with Detroit Public Schools Community District. The intent of this release is not to waive any of your rights or claims that you may have directly against DPSCD or SAC regarding the provision of services. Those claims are not affected by this release.
  • As a participant of Student Advocacy Center’s Program, I,

  • release Detroit Public Schools Community District from any and all claims, losses, damages, injuries, and liabilities and waive all rights in connection with the participation of my student
  • in the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan Program.
  • This release does not waive any rights I have to legally challenge any decision of the Detroit Public Schools Community District affecting the rights of me or my child.
  • I understand that a goal of this program is to educate me/my child and advocate for me/my child in proceedings where I may wish to challenge or change decisions of the Detroit Public Schools Community District that affect the educational rights of me/my child. The Student Advocacy Center is committed to advocating for me with only the best interests of me/my student in mind.
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